Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Apple iOS4 installation: Many users are facing problems

The Apple iOS4 was released on June 21, 2010 and so far it is getting mixed response. Many people are facing problems while upgrading to iOS4.

This is a significant update for iPhone users because for the first time, they would be able to multitask with their favorite smartphone, a feature users have been craving for a long time.

Wired.com reported that the iOS4 would allow people to use a Bluetooth keyboard to type on iPhone (both iPhone 4 and 3G S) and iPod Touch and control various other functions. This is a great feature which even Apple highlighted on its website.

The new iPhone, after iOS4 being installed, would also work with the iPad keyboard dock. However, there is a big problem, you might do some damage to your iPhone as you would have to squeeze it into the dock connector. Apple iPod Touch on the contrary, would fit in well for it is slimmer.

If you try to connect the iPhone with a USB keyboard via the USB camera connection kit it would not work.

Many users faced problems while upgrading their devices or after upgrading. Apple support forum is getting reports about “freezing phones” while the user was upgrading the software. Many users said that their phone suddenly rebooted in the middle of a call or entries disappearing from contacts.

There were also reports of iPod Touch crushing immediately after upgrading to iOS4.

Facing problems while major system upgrade is very common. It is very important that users keep a back-up of their important files and documents.

The best solution for iPhone users if they face any problem after installing the iOS4 is “factory reset.” After reset, they would have to re-sync the phone and then start once again. Many users succeeded in this way by linking the phone to an unused PC.

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